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Creative Dental Marketing Ideas During COVID-19

Creative Dental Marketing Ideas During COVID-19

We are living in an unprecedented time where we are starting to see the new normal way of life. No one knows when this pandemic will end and how it will play out. 

However, there are things that are quite obvious, and one of those things is the fact that this pandemic will have a huge impact on businesses, especially our targeted partners, who are dentists.

In March, when dental offices were advised to stop seeing patients, most of them saw a huge decline in revenue. However, this is only deferred revenue, not a complete loss. Unlike other businesses, people will still have tooth decay or an impacted tooth months after this pandemic ends unless these dental problems are treated.

With the advisories being lifted and dental offices returning to normal, there most likely will be a surge of existing and new patients looking to take care of their oral health – and you want those people visiting your office for dental treatments. You want to get ahead of the competition. This means you need to keep your marketing activities going during this crisis. 

Marketing is an investment, not an expense. You may only have a small budget to invest in your marketing plan, but any budget is better than no budget because the potential risk of your dental practice going under could be your reality.

You want to maintain your marketing efforts if the economy slows down, but you want to hit the ground running when you resume operations as usual

Now is the perfect time to ramp up your marketing campaigns and show patients the quality service you offer and how you plan to protect them and your staff going forward.  

Here are some creative dental marketing ideas that you can adopt during these uncertain times: 

#1 Be Present on Social Media

You need to maintain a high level of social media presence and interaction. If you haven’t used social media before, this is the best time to create your online presence. You need to be visible on various social media platforms, such as; Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

With everyone spending a lot of their time at home, you need to be even more visible online. With more people online, the higher your chances are of reaching more potential patients as well. 

Continue to communicate on your social channels, your operational status and the precautionary measures you are taking to keep everyone safe. 

#2 Utilize YouTube for Marketing

You can also market your dental business through video marketing. People love watching videos on YouTube, and you need to take advantage of their habits. If you haven’t started creating videos, you might want to start uploading informative videos on your YouTube channel.

This is an excellent way to attract potential patients. You can even share these videos to your website and social media accounts. You will be able to make a great lasting impression.

With the some ideas as we mentioned for social media, you would want to communicate your operational status and the precautionary measures you are taking to keep everyone safe. 

#3 Let Your Patients Know That You Care

Perhaps, you maintain a patient email list, and now is the perfect time to utilize that list for email marketing. Remind your patients that you care about them and their dental health. No need to be salesy during this quarantine season. 

You can send out emails containing dental tips and links to articles and videos. Give them advice on what they can do when they find themselves dealing with dental emergencies. Let them know how you can help.

Perhaps, you can even offer a promotion. Everyone is strapped for cash these days and in need of financial support. Your patients will greatly appreciate your help during this time as their oral health is still a top priority for them.

#4 Maintain Your SERP Position

Even during this unprecedented time, you cannot stop your SEO strategies. Make sure that your SERPS positions are intact. SEO planning and execution matters. You need to create quality content that will get you at the top of search engine results. Educate your readers on how the dental industry is dealing with COVID-19. 

Remember that once the pandemic is over and as stay at home orders are lifted, people will be scrambling for dental appointments. You want to stay ahead of everyone, and employing these marketing strategies will help you maintain your market rankings through this crisis.

lamar hull of med rank interactive

Lamar Hull is the CEO and Founder of Med Rank Interactive, a successful digital marketing agency based out of Charlotte, NC. Med Rank Interactive specializes in providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions exclusively to dentists, independent physicians, and multi-location medical practices. For a FREE website analysis, contact Med Rank Interactive now!

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